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Aviary Atlantis (Chewy)
Aviary Smoky Quartz (Tweedy)
Aviary Solitaire (Tyke)
Aviary Special Edition (Rogue)
Aviary Superstitious (Stitch)
Aviary Winter Moon (Faith)
Bryning Goldfinch (Wren)
Bryning Time To Shine (Teal)
Darkside Legion Dare (Dare)
Dappled Dove at Aviary (Katy)
Pied Pekin at Aviary (Disney)
Silver Swift at Aviary (Ellie)
The co-owned girls - Raine, Oreo, Ebbie and Tassie!
Stitch X Bruce 26/08/20 - 'The Herbs' litter
Chief x Faith 27/10/19 - 'Time' Litter
Mercury X Tweed 24/07/19 - 'Summer' Litter
Never x Tweed 03/12/17 - 'Super' Litter
Brucie x Ebbie 26/10/17 - 'Star' litter
Brucie x Tassie 12/11/16 - 'Moon' litter
Toby x Tweed 05/10/16 - 'Special' Litter
Aero x Tassie 13/07/15
Sketch x Wren 24/08/14 - 'Gems' litter
Sketch x Wren 07/07/13 - 'The' litter
Sketch x Tassie 19/02/13
Kodi x Wren 05/11/10 - 'Fireworks' Litter
Bond X Wren 23/03/09 - 'A' litter
Gone but never forgotten!
Some of our favourite photos!
Expected Litter
Aviary photos!

Aviary photos!

We recently ran an Aviary photo competition on our Facebook group - just for fun! (well, and some treats!!) and here are some of our winners! We will put the others up in a few days.
Well Done to everyone, and thank you to everyone for sending us your fabulous photos!

Best 1-8 year old - really tough one, but in the end, we just loved Ruths photo of Blue, and Karen's photo of Merlot! Such gorgeous boys! 

Best over 8 years - two stunning boys - Di's Phoenix, he will be 12 in March, still looking stunning, and Rosalind's Pip, he was 10 in November and so handsome! 

Best merle - we loved this photo of Nimble by Alision P, and also Alison C-N's photo of Hijack!

Best any other colour - Mira gave us this beautiful photo of Zaya, and Christines photo of Loch is gorgeous! 

Best black/white, black tri or seal/white - we loved Susans photo of Tico, and Sams photo of Rocky!

Best action picture - Lou took this stunning photo of Eska running along the beach, and we loved Martin's photo of Rocky, Yogi, Diggle and friends! 

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