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Bruce X Stitch 26/07/22 - 'The Wedding' litter
Theo X Tweed 14/02/21 - 'Sweet' Valentines Litter
Bruce X Stitch 26/08/20 - 'The Herbs' litter
Chief x Faith 27/10/19 - 'Time' Litter
Mercury X Tweed 24/07/19 - 'Summer' Litter
Never x Tweed 03/12/17 - 'Super' Litter
Brucie x Ebbie 26/10/17 - 'Star' litter
Brucie x Tassie 12/11/16 - 'Moon' litter
Toby x Tweed 05/10/16 - 'Special' Litter
Aero x Tassie 13/07/15
Sketch x Wren 24/08/14 - 'Gems' litter
Sketch x Wren 07/07/13 - 'The' litter
Sketch x Tassie 19/02/13
Kodi x Wren 05/11/10 - 'Fireworks' Litter
Bond X Wren 23/03/09 - 'A' litter
Gone but never forgotten!
Bryning Goldfinch (Wren)
Bryning Time To Shine (Teal)
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Planned Litter 2023

Bond X Wren 23/03/09 - 'A' litter

Wren had her first litter of six beautiful healthy puppies in a lovely assortment of coat colours! 2 black & White, 2 gold, a blue tri and a black tri  :-)


Aviary Atlantis (Chewy) - Blue Tri Bitch

Chewy stayed here and has her own page :-)
Chewy would measure large for agility 

Aviary Apollo (Phoenix) - ee red Dog

Phoenix is G7, with an astonishing number of wins, he and Di qualified for the Novice Olympia finals - held at Olympia Christmas show 2012. This is probably agility's most prestigious final, the one everyone wants to get to so a fantastic achievement!
Phoenix measures large for agility :-)

Aviary Aphrodite (Cola) - ee red Bitch

Cola belongs to Pete, and she is G5.

Aviary Aurora (Pink) - Black & White Bitch

Pink is G7 and has now retired from agility. 

Aviary Atlanta (Gem) - Black Tri Bitch

Gem belongs to Deana and she is G3, she would measure intermediate for agility

Aviary Adonis (Max) - Black & White Dog

Max lives locally with Sarah, he is G7 :-)
Max is large for agility :-) 

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