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Bruce X Stitch 26/07/22 - 'The Wedding' litter
Theo X Tweed 14/02/21 - 'Sweet' Valentines Litter
Bruce X Stitch 26/08/20 - 'The Herbs' litter
Chief x Faith 27/10/19 - 'Time' Litter
Mercury X Tweed 24/07/19 - 'Summer' Litter
Never x Tweed 03/12/17 - 'Super' Litter
Brucie x Ebbie 26/10/17 - 'Star' litter
Brucie x Tassie 12/11/16 - 'Moon' litter
Toby x Tweed 05/10/16 - 'Special' Litter
Aero x Tassie 13/07/15
Sketch x Wren 24/08/14 - 'Gems' litter
Sketch x Wren 07/07/13 - 'The' litter
Sketch x Tassie 19/02/13
Kodi x Wren 05/11/10 - 'Fireworks' Litter
Bond X Wren 23/03/09 - 'A' litter
Gone but never forgotten!
Bryning Goldfinch (Wren)
Bryning Time To Shine (Teal)
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Planned Litter 2023

Chief x Faith 27/10/19 - 'Time' Litter

Faith had 6 beautiful babies on the 27th October! 4 boys and 2 girls, born the night the clocks went back an hour - we have given this litter a Time theme. 

All are in competing agility homes, and looking full of promise at a year old :-)

2.50am - black & white girl , 425g, 'Raven' - Aviary Look to the Future

Raven lives with Alice in Northants. She is just like her mother, in looks and nuttiness!! She is currently G3 and measured large.

Due to her rather odd colour coat, I colour tested Raven, and she is a 'cryptic' merle and tested 'm/Mc+' 246, at Tilia Lab.

4.20am - Blue Merle dog, 450g, 'Tempo' -  Aviary Raise the Tempo

Tempo lives with Allison in Notts. He is doing really well with his training, and we look forward to watching him!
He is large for agility and is currently G3.

4.40am - Black & white dog, 455g, 'Gintiee' - Aviary Split Second.

Gintiee has moved in with Jo and her family, he is a big, tall boy and doing really well, already G6 with a win!
Gintiee measured large.

4.55am - Blue Merle girl, 435g, 'Maya' - Aviary Just a Jiffy

Maya lives with Alice and Dan in Northants. She is also measured as large and is already G3 too!

5.50am - Black & White dog, 450g, 'Sol' - Aviary Winter Solstice

Sol lives with Jess and Josh in Notts. They also have Echo (A Super Smart) from us. Sol is large, a big, fun boy who is showing a lot of promise, he is already G3!

7.40am - Black & white dog, 450g, 'Bumble' -  Aviary Happy Hour
Bumble lives with Rebecca in Cambs. He is another big lad, measured large, with loads of coat and a lovely attitude, I know Rebecca is delighted with him! He already has had several wins and is G3.

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