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Aviary Atlantis (Chewy)
Aviary Smoky Quartz (Tweedy)
Aviary Solitaire (Tyke)
Aviary Special Edition (Rogue)
Aviary Superstitious (Stitch)
Aviary Winter Moon (Faith)
Bryning Goldfinch (Wren)
Bryning Time To Shine (Teal)
Darkside Legion Dare (Dare)
Dappled Dove at Aviary (Katy)
Pied Pekin at Aviary (Disney)
Silver Swift at Aviary (Ellie)
The co-owned girls - Raine, Oreo, Ebbie and Tassie!
Stitch X Bruce 26/08/20 - 'The Herbs' litter
Chief x Faith 27/10/19 - 'Time' Litter
Mercury X Tweed 24/07/19 - 'Summer' Litter
Never x Tweed 03/12/17 - 'Super' Litter
Brucie x Ebbie 26/10/17 - 'Star' litter
Brucie x Tassie 12/11/16 - 'Moon' litter
Toby x Tweed 05/10/16 - 'Special' Litter
Aero x Tassie 13/07/15
Sketch x Wren 24/08/14 - 'Gems' litter
Sketch x Wren 07/07/13 - 'The' litter
Sketch x Tassie 19/02/13
Kodi x Wren 05/11/10 - 'Fireworks' Litter
Bond X Wren 23/03/09 - 'A' litter
Gone but never forgotten!
Some of our favourite photos!
Expected Litter
Aviary photos!

The co-owned girls - Raine, Oreo, Ebbie and Tassie!

Sometimes when we breed a litter, it just isn't practical to keep a puppy back ourselves - most likely because we have enough dogs and really would be stretching ourselves to have a new puppy. Quality of life for the pups is our main concern, and of course maintaining quality of life for our older dogs too! Everyone needs individual time every day, for grooming/playing and for training - even the oldies need time every day doing little tricks etc, just to keep them feeling they are doing an important job! 
So when this happens, we will sometimes co-own a pup, so this pup gets the best life possible, he/she will live close by so they can visit often, and will feel just as comfortable here as in their own home. We can get to know them very well too, so we can make informed decisions later on with regards to breeding (or not). Not all of our co-owned dogs are bred from, only the very best will be used in our future plans, the others are neutered but still continue to visit and share our lives just the same :-)
We are very grateful to our co-owners for giving the dogs such a super lifestyle!

Raine lives with Becky. She is from our stunning Tweed/Mercury litter and is everything we were hoping for from this combination! She is very intense, currently just a year old, she really wants to work. She has a lot of eye, and a very strong character! She is very quick to learn and I am sure will be super keen when she begins her agility groundwork. We are very excited to watch her grow :-) 
Raine is clear by parentage of CEA/CH, nCL, IGS, MDR1, TNS, BCG, RS and SN.

Oreo lives with Lisa, she is from Tassie/Bruce, and litter sister to Faith. She is a good size, I think might just measure large for agility. She is very keen and biddable, and is currently having some agility training! She has passed her good citizen tests and we are delighted with how she has turned out :-)
She is clear by parentage of CEA/CH, CL.IGS, MDR1, TNS and SN.
She is DNA tested as DH/RS clear and BCG as a carrier.
She has been BVA eye tested - unaffected, and has a 0/0 unaffected Gonioscopy exam (6/11/18)
Her hips are 3:4.

Ebbie is from the Tass/Aero litter, bred by Lisa. She is an average size girl (she would measure intermediate) and is beautifully well made. She is a typical BC, with strong eye, she is quite a serious little girl, but loads of fun, very quick to learn and loves to be kept busy! She is sweet natured, and loves everyone. She has had a gorgeous litter here with Bruce, 4 stunning pups, all of which are looking fantastic!
She is clear by parentage of CEA/CH, CL and TNS, and DNA tested clear for IGS,MDR1,SN and BCG.
She is BVA eye tested unaffected and also has an unaffected Gonioscopy exam (27/6/17).
Her hips are 7:6

Tassie lives with Lisa, she is from our fabulous Wren/Kodi litter. She is an absolute star of a dog, so keen to work at anything, but a lovely easy, soft dog at home. She is very serious and loves to be out working with you, she is easy to train, being smart and biddable. Tass was also a fantastic mother and produced two litters for us, and one for Lisa. She is mother of my gorgeous Tyke, and also to our beautiful girls Faith, Oreo and Ebbie. 
Tassie is clear by parentage of CEA/CH CL and TNS, and DNA tested clear of IGS,MDR1,SN and BCG.
She had unaffected clinical eye exams and also an unaffected Goniscopy exam.
Her hips are 5:5.

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