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Agility/Competition news 2022

This page is for competition 'well dones'! Our pups compete in a variety of sports, and we are very proud of them all :-)

The last couple of weekends have seen lots of wins/places .........

Rebecca with Bumble (Faith x Chief) for 2nds and 3rds in his first G3 classes

Sharon and her boys DJ (Tass x Bruce) and Tag (Tass x Aero) for their several super G7 wins! 

Wendy and Bling (Tweed x Toby) for making two champ finals in a row and finishing 5th!

Georgie and Teddy (Tweed x Never) for qualifying for a pairs final,

Lisa and Skye (Tweed x Never) for qualifying for the Olympia Quater final.

and to everyone who has had a round they are pleased with - even if it wasnt quite foot perfect! 


Sue and Envy (Tweed x Mercury) have another G2 jumping win! Congratulations! 

Alison and Nimble (Tweed x Mercury) won into G3! That's fabulous, Well Done! 

Lesley and Bond (Tweed x Toby) won into G6! Congratulations! 

Yasmin and Suspect (Stitch x Bruce) won into G3 at Notts champ show! Congratulations!

Helen and Ash (Ebbie x Bruce) won into G6 at the end of May, Congratulations!

Jo and Gintiee ( Faith x Chief) have been enjoying G5 and now only need one win for G6! Here he is with their 2 x 2nd places from the recent Notts champ show!

John and Peggy (Tweed x Mercury) had a good time at Thames show - winning an agility and 3rd in a jumping class! Congratulations!

Carol and Hattie (Tweed x Never) have a good weekend - 6 wins and into G5 in style! Congratulations!! 

John and Peggy (tweed x Mercury) have a G3 Agility win! Congratulations!

Helen and Ash (Ebbie x Bruce) have qualified for the Agility Club Internatinal Novice Final - as have Sharon and DJ (Tass x Bruce). Sharon has also qualified Tag (Tass x Aero) for the Senior Final too - Well Done all! 
Jacqui and Styx (Tweed x Never) have their Gold Agility Warrant - Congratulations! 
Lesley and Bond (Tweed x Toby) won another G5 Agility - one more to G6!
Sharon and DJ (Tass x Bruce) won a couple of G7 classes - one Agility one Jumping! Well Done! 

Gaby and Zola (Tass x Bruce) won their YKC Crufts qualifier and also 6-11 pairs! Awesome! 

Jo and Gintiee (Faith x Chhief) continue with their good run! 3 wins, 1 x 2nd and they won the Large Novice heat, winning a tunnel! Just brilliant, well done!!

Yasmin and Suspect (Stitch x Bruce) have hit the ground running!Just starting out and already qualified for the LAE Starters final, plus wins and great places too! Well Done! 

Lisa and Skye (Tweed x Never) were overall winners of the Dogeria Performance at GT May UKA show! Fabulous stuff, Congratulations! 

Allison and Tempo (Faith x Chief) have been having a good run! 4 Jumping wins and other super places in the last few weeks! Fantastic!

Veronica and Verve (Stitch x Bruce) won their anysize Jumping class! Well Done!

Sue and Envy (Tweed x Mercury) have been doing well! Envy with wins in C1-4 and G2 Jumping, 2nd in G1/2 JUmping and 4th in C1-4 Jumping!

Rebecca and Bumble (Faith x Chief) have a super weekend, winning into G3 and adding a couple of jumping wins on top too! Fantastic! 

Alison and Mello (Tweed x Mercury) have their first clear round and come 3rd! Well Done!

At their first KC show, Alison and Hijack (Tweed x Mercury) get a clear round and finish 2nd place in G2 Jumping! Well done! 

Helen and Ash (Ebbie x Bruce) had a super win in G 3-5 agility, well done! He also gained enough points for his Silver Agility Warrant too - Congratulations ''Aviary Silver By Starlight AWS''!

Jo and Gintiee (Faith x Chief) had a brilliant weekend! 3 x wins, 2 x 2nds and a 3rd, and into G5 for them! Fantastic! 

Ruth and Billy had a good day! Two clears, winning one G4 jumping and coming 2nd in the other! Congratulations! 

Lesley and Bond (Tweed x Toby) win g 4/5 agility! Well Done! 

Sharons boys have a good weekend again! DJ (Tass x Bruce) winning 6/7 jumping and agility and Tag (Tass x Aero) winning 6/7 agility! Brilliant boys!

Georgie and Teddy (Tweed x Never) win G3 Agility and into G5, after lots of jumping wins! Congratulations! Teddy also gained enough points for his Silver Agility Warrant - well done ''Aviary Super Hero AWS''!!

Mira and Zaya (Tweed x Never) win Intermediatte Freestyle and are now in Advanced! Awesome stuff! 

Claire and Skyla (Tweed/Toby) win into Advanced HTM - awesome stuff! Congratulations!

Alice and Maya (Faith/Chief) win into G3 with a cracking agility win! Well Done!

Lisa and Skye (Tweed/Never) win into G6 with a super run! Congratulations!

Jacqui and Styx (Tweed/Never) win into g5, with 2 wins on the same day! Super boy indeed! Congratulations!

Lisa and girls are flying the Aviary flag in rally competition - Tassie (Wren/Kodi) and Oreo (Tass/Bruce)  have their L1ex and L2ex titles, and now working L3, Ebbie (Tass/Aero) has her L1ex and L2, and is working L3 and even baby Kara (Tweed/Theo) only needs one more win for her L1ex! Well Done girls!

Jo and Gintiee (Faith/Chief) had another win this weekend, just two more to win into G5! Well Done! 

Gaby and Zola (Tass/Bruce) qualified for YKC at Crufts and did amazing! First time there for both and they didnt let nerves get the best of them at all - they WON both the jumping and agility class, and so ran in the final in the main ring! What an achievement, Congratulations!

Alice and Raven (Faith/Chief) win into G3 with a super run! Well Done girls, what a fabulous start to the season! 

Sharon and DJ (Tass/Bruce) won runner up in the Agility League G5 last year! Congratulations!

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