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Agility/Competition news 2023

Alica and Maya ( Faith/Chief) have had a super couple of shows! They won G4 agility at Kelluki and went on to win 2 x G4 classes at Southam and are now G5! Congratulations!

Helen and Ash (Ebbie/Bruce) got that elusive agility win and are now G7/Champ! Huge Congratulations! 

Ali and Mello (Tweed/Mercury) have been having a good run! He won this G3 jumping class and has been picking up trophies and top 3 places! Congratulations

John and Carol had a super time at Hawbridge UKA - John and Peggy (Tweed/Mercury) won into Senior and Carol and Hattie (Tweed/Never) had a super show too - ending up coming 2nd in the Masters! Congratulations!

Congratulations to Jess with Echo (Tweed/Never) for winning into G5! Also another G6 jumping win with Sol (Faith/Chief)
Also to Yasmin and Suspect (Stitch/Bruce) for winning into G5 - in real style, winning not only his grade class but also a combined 1-7 agility! Awesome! 
Carol and Hattie (Tweed/Never) had another lovely G7 jumping win!
Sandrine and Zola (Tass/Bruce) qualified for the Special Cirencester Champion Challenge Trophy Final and finished 3rd - Congratulations :-) 

Congratulations to ..........
Val and Flint (Stitch/Bruce) for a perfect run and winning G2 Jumping at Wessex!
Karen and Missy (Wren/Sketch) for 2nd G4 agility and 4th C4-5 Jumping at Iconix! They are biiiiiggg courses so doubly Well Done! 

Lou and Eska ( Ebbie/Bruce) are also into G4! Congratulations! 

Jess and her boys (Echo is Tweed/Never G4, and Sol is Faith/Chief G6) had a lovely couple of days at Vision! Both boys picking up 2 wins each! Congratulations!

Jo and Gintiee (Faith/Chief) had a lovely weekend at Vision! 6 x G7 wins and a 2nd place! 

Jacqui and Ryder (Tweed/Theo) won into G4 at Vision and then did it again for luck! Congratulations!

After I don't know how many Jumping wins - Allison and Tempo (Faith/Chief) won into G4 in style at Vision! Congratulations!

Tracey and Boycie (Tweed/Theo) had a G2 Jumping win - and then another G2 Jumping win! Congratulations! 

Lynne and Lyra (Stitch/Bruce) said goodbye to G3 in style at DIN! Congratulations! 

Sandra and Revel (Tweed/Mercury) came 3rd in a huge class at DIN! Well Done!

Karen and Missy (Wren/Sketch) won G4 Agility and got placed every day at DIN, and so qualified for the G4 final - they won that too! Congratulations! 

Sarah and our lovely Inka (Tweed/Theo) had a great time at Vision! First day they did 2 runs, got 2 clears and 2 wins! Fantastic day - they added a 2nd place the next day too! Congratulations!

Aviary dogs and owners had a super KCIAF! Congratulations to you all, lots of trophies and super places, thank you to everyone for the photos

Jo and Gintiee (Faith/Chief) had a 2nd and a 3rd place, brilliant results in Large G7 at this show!

Alice and Raven (Faith/Chief) won into G5 with a stunning run! 

Sisters Raven and Maya (Faith/ Chief) came 3rd and 5th in the same G4 Ag class!

Flint (Stitch/Bruce) and Val had a very good KCI! Congratulations! 

Helen and Ash (Ebbie/Bruce) also had a good weekend!

Flint and Ash were also in the team final and came 2nd! Congratulations!

Lesley had a stunning run with Boogie (Stitch/Bruce) to come 3rd in the Starters cup Agility! Fabulous!

Alison and Hijack (Tweed/Mercury) had a super time, coming home with 2nd, 3rd and other places - Well Done!

Congratulations to John and Peggy (Tweed/Mercury) for winning into G5 at SWAT!

Apologies, it's been hectic here and I have got so behind! I will list what I can remember and update with those that I (no doubt) forget! 

Huge Congratulations to ...............

Hijack (Tweed x Mercury) with Scott and Alison for several wins and now comfortably into G4! 

Carol and John for their wins with Hattie (Tweed x Never) in G7, and Peggy (Tweed x Mercury) G4

Lesley and Bond (Tweed x Toby) - more 6/7 wins - one by an astonishing 16 seconds! 

Jess and Sol (Faith x Chief) for winning loads and into G6, and also for several wins with Echo (Tweed x Never) 

Rebecca and Bumble (Faith x Chief) for their G5 ag win

Alice and Maya (Faith x Chief) for their G4 wins

Yasmin and Suspect (Stitch x Bruce) for hitting G4 and win win win! Also for winning the LG4 final at QSAT! Fabulous! 

Jacqui and her boys have been doing fantastically well! A huge 7 x wins in one weekend for Styx (Tweed x Never) G7, and Ryder (Tweed x Theo) also having several wins and into G3 

Alice and Raven (Faith x Chief) for I think 3 x G4 wins 

Sarah and Inka (Tweed x Theo) for a G2 jumping win

Zola (Tassie x Bruce) had a great day at FAB and won 3 x G7 classes!

Jo and Gintiee (Faith x Chief) came 3rd in Champ Jumping and made the Champ final at RVA , plus several G7 class wins too!

Tracey and Boycie (Tweed x Theo) won the Cornwall Jumping Cup C1-3 and qualified for their first final! 

Allison and Tempo (Faith x Chief) have been having lots of fun with several  G3 jumping wins under their belts! 

Lynne and Lyra (Stitch x Bruce) for winning into G4! 

I am hoping that has brought me up to date! A few pictures to follow, Huge Congratulations to you all - we are so proud of you! 


Scott and Hijack (Tweed x Mercury) had a super Notts show! They won Large senior YKC jumping AND agility, and have qualified for Crufts next year! Huge Congratulations and best of luck!

Lisa and her girls had a super day at Stoneleigh Rally comp - Tassie (Wren x Kodi, 12 half years old!!), Ebbie (Tass x Aero), Oreo (Tass x Bruce) and Kara (Tweed x Theo)  all came home with qualifying scores and places! Fabulous achievement - Congratulations! 

Congratulations to Wendy and Bling (Tweed x Toby) and Jo with Gintiee (Faith x Chief) for both making the Champ final at Notts show! 

Alice and Raven (Faith x Chief) won G4 jumping - Congratulations! 

Lynne and Lyra (Stitch x Bruce) won G3 jumping - Congratulations! 

Jess took her boys Echo (Tweed x Never ) and Sol (Faith x Chief) for some stock training - both showed lovely natural ability and balance and will hopefully do this some more! 
Sol also won G5 jumping - strike one to G6! Congratulations 

Lesley and Bond (Tweed x Toby) have had a super month! 1st C5-7 agility, and 1st c6/7 agility meaning he only needs 2 more wins for G7! Congratulations! 

Sandra and Revel (Tweed x Mercury) had their first clear round, and won G2 Jumping! This boy is amazing, Congratulations Sandra!

Huge Congratulations to Lisa and Skye (Tweed x Never) for going to the WAO's as part of team Scotland! Amazing achievement, we are very proud of you both! 

Georgie and Teddy (Tweed x Never) got their last win toward G7, so are now in Champ! Just fabulous, Huge Congratulations! 

Carol and Hattie (Tweed x Never) have their last win to take them into G7 and Champ! So thrilled for them, Hattie lost her eye in a tragic accident when she was young, but Carol has persevered with her training - and now they reach the very top level! Amazing! So proud of all our Aviary dogs and owners, but especially this pair - Congratulations xx

Styx (Tweed x Never) has been flying! Three wins at one show put him firmly into G7, and his Platinum Agility Warrent means he is now Aviary Supernatural AWP - Congratulations Jacqui!! 

Jacqui and Ryder (Tweed x Theo) continue to gather G2 Jumping wins! Can't wait to see him when his contacts are sorted!!

Missy (Wren x Sketch) ran Charlotte round at Iconix, and won G4 Jumping! (by 7 seconds! Not bad for a veteran of 8 1/2 yrs!!)
She also left her mum Karen to watch, took Sam into the ring, and together they won G4 agility at Vyne! Fantastic!

Alison and Hijack (Tweed x Mercury) won G3 Ag at Vyne show, Congratulations!

Sue had a good day at Agility Vision! Both her girls winning classes - Envy (Tweed x Mercury) won G2 Jumping - Congratulations! 

Jacqui and her boys enjoyed Lincoln show! Ryder (Tweed x Theo) won G2 Jumping and Styx (Tweed x Never) had 1st G6 Ag, 1st G6 jump and 1st C6/7 Jumping! Congratulations!

Jo had a super time at Agility Vison with Gintiee (Faith x Chief)! They had 4 wins, qualified for the Grand National SemiFinal, and won that too! Congratulations! 

Jess had a great two days at Lincoln show with her boys - Echo (Tweed x Never) won into G4 with 3 wins and a 2nd, and Sol (Faith x Chief) won into G5 with a G4 Agility win! Congratulations! 

Jess and Alice got together to run pairs at Lincoln with brother and sister Sol and Raven (Faith x Chief) and came 2nd! Well Done! 

Helen and Ash (Ebbie x Bruce) had a lot of fun at Wessex show! They won two G6 Jumpings, 2nd G6 Jumping and 2nd 6-7 Agility - just one Ag win for G7! 

Yasmin and Suspect (Stitch x Bruce) had 2 G3 Agility wins taking them to G4! He also gets his AWBronze - Congratulations! 

Claire and Skyla (Tweed x Toby) had a good day at Lincoln! 1st G4 Agility, 1st G4 Jumping and 2nd G4 Ag! Fabulous!

Liz and Taran (Tweed x Theo) came 3rd in G2 Jumping at Lincoln! 

After winning into G4 earlier this year, Alice and Maya (Faith x Chief) have been enjoying G4! With 2 wins, a 2nd and a 3rd! Congratulations! 

Lou and Eska (Ebbie x Bruce) came 2nd in G3 agility at Severnside - Well Done!!

Yasmin and Suspect (Stitch x Bruce) had 2 super wins, 1 jumping and 1 agility - so now he just needs 1 agility win for G4! Super stuff - Congratulations! 

Rebecca and Bumble (Faith x Chief) had their first win to G5 in G3-5 jumping! Congratulations! 

Claire and Skyla (Tweed x Toby) had a super day - 2nd in Advanced freestyle and 4th Advanced HTM - behind this years Crufts finalists! Congratulations! 

Yasmin took Suspect (Stitch x Bruce) to a UKA show to train some contacts, and ended up qualifying for the UKA Grand Finals! Fabulous stuff, Well Done!

Crufts week and several Aviary dogs and owners there! 

Sandrine's daughter Gaby had Zola (Tass x Bruce) in the YKC, they picked up an early 5f, but Gaby recovered brilliantly and they had a super run! Well Done! 

Lisa and Oreo (Tass x Bruce) competed in the obedience ring, no places this time but again they both enjoyed their time at Crufts!

Another Brucie baby was there too! Baby Douglas (Stitch x Bruce) and Amy strutting their stuff in the Good Citizen Puppy scheme display - Douglas was a real star, so focused and totally unphased by the crowds and the noise - Well Done!  

Claire and Skyla (Tweed x Toby) were also there, showing how talented they are at Heelwork to Music!  

Congratulations to you all and we are so glad you had a great time! 

Georgie and Teddy (Tweed x Never) win The Agility Club Intermediate G3 league and so get their invitation to the finals this summer! Congratulations! 

Jo and Gintiee (Faith x Chief) won The Agility Club Large G4 award for 2022! Fabulous stuff, and of course they also get their invite to the finals this summer!

Jacqui and Styx (Tweed x Never) get their invite to the Agility Club finals too!

Lynne and Lyra (Stitch x Bruce) won G3 jumping! Congratulations!

Gorgeous Billy (Tweed x Toby) and his lovely owner Ruth won into G5 at the end of last year, and have their silver warrant! Fabulous! So Billy is now 'Aviary Special Request AWS'! Congratulations to Roro's fave brother!

Boogie (Stitch x Bruce) had his first clear and came 2nd in G2 agility! Well Done Boogie and Lesley! 

Congratulations to Katie and Stanley ( Stitch x Bruce) at their first canicross race they finished 2nd, behind a GB runner! A very bright future ahead I'm sure!  

Lisa had a good day at a Rally competition with her girls -  both Tassie ( Wren x Kodi - age 12!) and Oreo (Tass x Bruce) qualified excellent in Level 1, giving Oreo her KC RL 1 ex title! Tassie then went on to win the L2 and Oreo was 3rd! Congratulations!  

Christine and Loch (Ebbie x Bruce) had a fabulous day at an independant - he won all 3 of his classes and also the Winter League series overall! Congratulations!

Congratulations to Georgie and Teddy (Tweed x Never) for gaining his platinum award! 

Jo and Gintiee (Faith x Chief) had their first Champ class, and they made the final! A pole down meant they finished 12th, a very exciting year for you two I think! 

We are delighted that both Claire withSkyla (Tweed x Toby), and Mira with Zaya (Tweed x Never) have made the selection for the HTM World tryouts! Both ladies work so hard with their beautiful dogs, we are very proud of you all!

Claire and Skyla (Tweed x Toby) had a nice agility win at Agility Nuts! Congratulations

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