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Bryning Goldfinch (Wren)

Quinn X Oz

BVA Hip scored 3:7

Genetically clear of TNS, CEA/CH and NCL.

Eye tested 'clear' (CEA/PRA/PLL)

Goniodysgenesis tested - Unaffected

DNA colour tested - KBky ayaw BB Dd Ee

Wren was given sleep 17th April 2021. 
I will keep her page up, because a) I cannot bear to remove it, and b) she was our main Lady, and we owe all this to her. 
Run Free my giddy kipper, we adore you and miss you so very much xx

Wren competed in Agility, and had the occasional appearance in the breed ring too. She was G6, although she only attended a very few shows due to work commitments and time out to have some really super puppies! 

She was a very active little dog, although usually busy doing something she shouldn't, she was so cute she got away with it!

A bit of a handful to train, being very self opinionated (she always knew she was right). She was such a whizzy little dog, and loved working with us and guessing what we wanted - which usually wasn't what WE wanted at all, but very much to her liking! Funny that......

She was our very own "giddy kipper" :-)  

Wren gave us 4 beautiful litters of puppies, and set us off on our 'Aviary BC' journey. She was always the most incredible funny, loving and joyful dog that we could ever wish for! 

I cannot describe how broken hearted I am without her - my naughty little brown dog has left such a huge hole in my life.

Wren is seal and white.
'Seal' is a brown coloured dog that has black pigment. Her coat is very dark brown, giving the impression of being ''coca cola'' or 'mahogany' colour. On her neck, she is lighter still, looking almost sable coloured. Her pigment is black, so her nose eye rims and lips are black (in a 'brown' or 'chocolate' coloured dog they will be brown/chocolate too.) Where her hair is shorter, the colour is darker, so her head ears and legs are darker coloured than her body and tail.
Depending on the light, she can look nearly black, or nearly blue, or nearly chocolate!

Out of curiosity, I decided to DNA test Wren, although we already knew she was Dd (not dilute but able to produce it), Ee (not ee red but able to produce it) Kk at (not tan point but able to produce it), and Kk ay (able to produce sable) due to the puppies she has had! So I was confident of her coming back KBky ayat Dd Ee  - I also tested her for 'b' (brown/chocolate) as her father carried it she had a 50% chance of carrying it too. A bit of a shock when she actually came back as KBky ayaw BB Dd Ee - this means she does not carry 'b' chocolate - but the suprise was no 'at' - tan point! Although she has produced Chewy, Gem and Delta who are certainly tan points :/ This led the lab to re-test, but it came back the same, so ayaw she is. Vetgen emailed this to us.............
Wren continues to "test as" if she is an AY/aw.  Based on her offspring, we know that the "aw" part of this result is not accurate.  For breeding purposes, you should consider her as AY/at.
There is no actual test for aw.
It is the default allele that is assigned when AY, a, and at results do not add up to two; accounting for one gene from each parent.  We will continue working with Wren's DNA to see if we can determine what is happening, but it appears as though she either has a previously unseen version of AT, or perhaps a new allele recessive to AT such as a second recessive black.  We simply don't know, but we will certainly let you know if we find anything of interest.

so there we have it! Only pickle could be this awkward lol

seal border collie

seal and black tri border collies
seal border collie

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