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Agility news 2019

Our superb owners and their dogs are doing SO well that I felt their own results page was required!
Congratulations everyone, we (and of course Pickle, Tass, Ebbs and Ginge) are so very proud of you all!!

Amazing and brilliant! 
To Lisa and Skye (A Super Diva), who went to the British Open, and won the jumping, then came 2nd in the agility, which gave them overall winners - so they qualified with a win on spot for the final, with all the Champion dogs/handlers! As if this wasn't fantastic enough - they won the British Open Speed Jumping Final 2019!
Congratulations - we are all very proud! 

Another fantastic couple of weeks agility for our owners!

Wendy and Bling (A Special Branch) won into G5! They have had an amazing few months competing, Bling has been so consistent and nearly always placed top 5 - Congratulations to you both! 

Lesley and Bond (A Special Agent) won 3-5 agility, taking him into G5! He also had a 2nd 3rd and a 4th in a C4-7 with only 3 G7's ahead of him! Fabulous!

Caroline and Cider (A Special Brew) had a fab G3 agility run and won the class! Congratulations! 

Helen with Ash (A Silver By Starlight) won another g3 jumping - He is working so well! 

Lisa with Skye (A Super Diva) won another g3 jumping, you two really are an  amazing team!

Also, Tykes daughters are now 18 months old - and his daughter Whispa (Bekkis Amazing Dreams) won beginners agility! Congratulations to her owner/breeder Chantal! Beautiful girly :-)  

What a busy couple of weeks for our owners! So many results, Congratulations to you all, we are so very proud! You all put so much time and love into your dogs, very well deserved results!

Ruth and Billy (A Special Request) won G3 Agility, and had a 2nd and a 4th too! 

Lisa and Skye (A Super Diva) have had several UKA wins, they are just amazing! Also a G3-5 win at Q-Me, and at Prestbury Park, winning G3-5 Jumping :-) 

Lesley and Bond (A Special Agent) won both the G4 Agility and G4 jumping on the same day! One more for G5! 

Marie and Reiss (A Special Design) have their first clear rounds- winning G3 and also a 2nd and a 3rd! 

Zola (A Moon River) and Sandrine had two runs, a C1-7 Helter Skelter and a C4/5 Agility, and won them both - making Zola G5! They also had a super win in 3-5 Jumping too! 

Wendy and Bling (A Special Branch) have been doing really well and getting very consistant places, this weekend saw them get another G4 win, so only one more to G5 now!

Helen and Ash (A Silver By Starlight) won G1/2 Agility at DIN :-) 

Vicki and Jett Jett (A Banded Onyx) got their last agility win to make them G7! Woo Hoo!!!

Sharon had a super weekend with her boys, DJ (A Moon Beam) had another G4 jumping win and Tag (Merliedogs Dare Devil) got his last win to make him G7 as well! Fabulous!

Claire and Skyla (A Special Effect) won G3 jumping :-) 

Michelle and Bosley (A Platinum Star) won G6 Agility :-) 

Jess and Echo (A Super Smart) began their agility career with a very nice 2nd place :-) 

Trev and Susie (A Black Pearl) came 2nd in the DINAS G7 final! 

I have got a bit behind due to puppy duties - apologies to you all!

Everyone has been doing so well, special Congratulations to Helen with Ash (A Silver By Starlight), and Lisa with Skye (A Super DIva) for winning into G3 - neither dog is 2 years old yet! Amazing stuff, Well Done!

Lisa and Skye (A Super Diva) won into Senior Steeplechase at UKA - fantastic! 

Congratulations to Carol and Hattie (A Super Model) who won into Novice Steeplechase at UKA.

Jacqui and Styx (A Supernatural) are doing brilliantly, with wins and 2nds every weeekend! 

A very busy weekend or two for agility! Lots of wins/places - huge Congratulations to you all, you are amazing!

Jacqui and Styx (A Supernatural) had their first G2 classes at RVA show -  they won 3 x 1sts (G2 jumping and C1-4 NBC) 1 x 2nd (G2 jumping - Karen and Chic won it!)  and 1 x 5th (C1-7 H/S)...........

Karen and Chic (A Written In The Stars) won the G2 Jumping at RVA............

At Tuffley show, Michelle and Bosley (A Platinum Star) won LH G6/7 Jumping........

At Wellingborough, Sarah and Max (A Adonis) came 2nd in G7 Jumping and 4th in G7 agility............

Sandrine and Zola ( A Moon River) had their first novice class at  UKA and won it by an astonishing 14 seconds!! Just amazing stuff! 

Lesley and Bond (A Special Agent) came 5th (with a dropped pole!) but still qualified for the Dog Vegas 3-5 final next year (and had the fastest time which is always nice!)

Sharon and her boys had a simply amazing week away at Dog Vegas show! DJ (A Moon Beam) came home with  7 x 1sts, 4 x 2nds, 1 x 3rd & 2 x 4ths! Tag (Merliedogs Dare Devil) had 1 x 1st, 1 x 4th & 2 x 5ths - WOW!

Photos below! Just awesome results, we are so proud! 

Amazing day out for Sandrine and Zola ( A Moon River) at Highdown Show - 3 runs and 3 wins! Congratulations , just one more agility win to go G5!

Sharon and DJ (A Moon Beam) are having a fantastic time at Thetford show, 3 days of competing has given them an amazing tally of 4 wins, 3 x 2nd and a 4th (with the fastest 5 faults)! Tag has had a couple of nice places too, so a very good show for Sharon and her boys!

Not agility - but still a fabulous result - Claire and Skyla (A Special Effect) came 2ndin their Heelwork to Music class, and so move up into Intermediate! Congratulations!

Huge Congratulations to Maggie and Phoebe (A The Dark Secret) - two G6 agility wins at the weekend and so well on their way to G7! 

Lisa and Skye (A Super Diva) had their first KC show at Thames, aged 18 months and a few days old! Delighted to say, they won their very first run! G2 Jumping, by almost 3 seconds! Congratulations :D

An update of agility news......

Ruth and Billy (A Special Request) continue their winning ways, with 3 wins and 2 x 2nds at Quadpaws!

Michelle and Bosley (A Platinum Star) won the Charity Circular Knockout at Quadpaws :-) 

Sharon and DJ (A Moon Beam) qualify for the Agility Club Invitational at their show in July,

Lisa and Skye (A Super Diva) are doing so well - 3 UKA steeplechase wins for this brilliant team! 

Sandrine and Zola (A Moon River) are just amazing - also having 3 UKA wins, jumping and Steeplechase classes! 

Congratulations to you all! 

Lots of exciting news coming in, thank you everyone for being so fab at keeping in touch all the time!

Alphabetically (fair!)

Billy (A Special Request) and Ruth went over to Jersey European Festival, and had an incredible haul! A 1st,2nd and 3rd, plus qualifying for the final......

Bling (A Special Branch) and Wendy won G4 jumping, and have had several other top 5 placings and trophies too.....

Bond (A Special Agent) and Lesley have had C4/5 Jumping and G3/4 Jumping wins .....

Bree (A The Temptation) and Ali have had G6 wins galore - an Agility and 3 jumping wins means they are well on their way to G7!.....

DJ (A Moon Beam) and Sharon have been having loads of fun! Lots of trophies and wins in C3-5 Jumping and G4 Jumping.....

Jett (A Banded Onyx) and Vicki have had wins in G6 Agility and Jumping, so also well on their way to G7.......

Merlot (Trail Blazer) and Karen had their first clear and came 2nd! ....

Susie (A Black Pearl) and Trevor went off to Jersey European Agility Festival and had an amazing 5 wins, and then came 2nd in the Final! They also made the Champ final at Wyre too......

Tag ( Merliedogs Dare Devil) and Sharon won G6/7 Agility!.....

Zola (A Moon River) and Sandrine finished their G3 classes in style by winning G3 jumping and coming 2nd in G3 Agility!

Huge Congratulations to you all :D

Claire and Skyla (A Special Effect) at Lincoln show - had their first clear round  - and also won their class! G3 jumping, a very exciting team I think!
Sandrine and Zola (A Moon River) Easter Monday at Kelluki - had 3 classes - and won all 3! Two agility and a jumping, so straight into G4! That's an amazing achievement, Congratulations! 
After being out all last year with a shoulder injury, Rocky (A Sky Rocket) and Martin came back and won C4/5 jumping too! So pleased for you :D 

What a fantastic start to their year! Sarah and Max (A Adonis) had a G7 win, plus loads of top 5 placings at their first show this year! Max is 10 years old and showing no signs of slowing down at all! Congratulations!

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