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Aviary Special Edition (Rogue)

Tweed X Toby

Blue sable

BVA Hip Scored 5:6

Genetically clear of CEA/CH, CL, TNS, IGS, SN, BCG and MDR1

DNA colour tested - kyky ayay BB dd Ee - Rogue doesn't carry tan point, chocolate but does carry ee red (gold)

Ro is our little Bambi! She stands 50cm tall and weighs 14kgs. She is much calmer than her mother (!!) but full of life and fun, and is a very happy-go-lucky soul. She is confident, but not silly or crazy -  very affectionate and just such a lovely gentle dog. Everyone who meets RoRo loves her, she is the funniest, sweetest dog as well as the most cuddly! 
I think she has been one of our easiest dogs ever, she is so obedient and biddable, she is so nice to live with :-) 

She is very keen on the stock, again, not silly but showing lots of eye and drive to work, she is incredibly fast over the agility kit (her dog walk gives me palpatations hahaha), and although she will take a while to mature physically I think she will end up nicely balanced.
Rogue is spayed.


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