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Agility news 2020/21

The last couple of weekends have been madly busy - so will try and remember everyone here!

Sharon and her boys have had the most amazing time, DJ (A Moon Beam) had his first G6 show, and won straight into G7! He won all 4 of his classes on the first day, and the next day won into G7 !Tag has also had some wins in G7 too, and a couple of 2nd places behind DJ so Congratulations Sharon.
Sandrine and Zola (A Moon River) now only need one win to G7, Zola has also qualified for Crufts next year with Sandrines daughter Gaby, in the U12 Juniors Congratulations and Best of Luck!
Carol and Hattie (A Super Model) won into G4, and John with Peggy (A Summer Sunshine) won into G3!
Jo and Gintiee (A Split Second) won into G4
Congratulations also to Lisa and Skye (A Super Diva) for some super runs and a couple of wins! To Jacqui and Styx (A Supernatural) for some wins at his last shows in G3, and Helen and Ash (A Silver by Starlight) who won G4-5 agility and C1-4 jumping too!

Another amazing weekend for you all - Congratulations! In no particular order..........
Wendy and Bling (Tweed/Toby) won into G7 ðŸÅ½‰ðŸÅ½‰
Jess qualified both her boys - Echo (Tweed/Never) and Sol (Faith/Chief) for the Pure semi finals - Echo had the fastest time with a pole!! Groan!! Jess also managed to get Echo 1st, Sol 2nd in the same class - not bad not bad! ❤
Lisa qualified Skye (Tweed/Never) for the Pure final - one mistake meant an E but it was an awesome run! ❤
Jacqui and Styx won into G4! Also qualified Styx (Tweed/Never) for the Pure final, wasn't to be their night but a fantastic achievement to get there! ❤
Jo and Gintiee (Faith/Chief) had a super w/e, their first G3 classes and he now only needs one more win to G4! ❤
Rebecca and Bumble (Faith/Chief) had an agility win to G3, and also a 3rd in agility ❤
Allison and Tempo (Faith/Chief) had 2 wins in their classes! He isn't weaving yet so they are doing anysize, against all the champ dogs lol so no mean feat! ❤
Carol and Hattie (Tweed/Never) have had seven wins and several seconds, making the Dogeria finals in October, and into Senior UKA! ❤ 😘
Mira and Zaya (Tweed/Never) won both Novice Freestyle and Dances With Dogs , so Intermediate Freestyle now! ❤
Karen and Chic (Ebbie/Bruce) won another G3 jumping ❤
Sharon and DJ (Tass/Bruce) won 2 of their last G5 classes and now look forward to G6! ❤
Ruth and Billy (Tweed/Toby) won their first G4 class, plus two second places ❤
Lesley and Bond (Tweed/Toby) won G5 agility after a bit of a dry spell 🤣🥰😘
Sue and Envy (Tweed/ Mercury) are racking up some 2nd places! They will be wins soon enough!

Congratulations to everyone - you have been doing so well lately! 
In no particular order - Sharon and Dj won into G6 and had a fantastic show, 8 clears/8 wins! Most of them by about 10 seconds - this boy is awesome! Lisa and Skye have qualified for the Novice Cup final at Crufts next year - we can't wait to see you both shine on the green carpet! Vicki and Jett made the Champ final at DIN - Congratulations! Georgie and Teddy had a very good show, he is now G3 and Im sure you will both continue to do really well! Jo and Gintiee have had a great couple of weeks, making the starters semi final at KCI, and qualifiying for the final at Discover Dogs! Then onto DIN show, where they also made the starters final again, Well Done, you two are making an amazing team!  Jess and Sol, their first agility classes at KCI - they smashed it! Also making the starters semi final - so exciting for our baby dogs :-) Wendy and Bling, who now just need a win to see them into G7! Maggie and Phoebe who also just need one more win to be G7! And to everyone who has been really pleased with progress, or who had those 'nearly' runs, we are so proud of you all!

Another busy weekend, with several shows on! 
Congratulations to Karen and Chic (A Written in the Stars), first G3 classes and they won the jumping! Also to Sue and Envy(A My Summer Envy), first G2 classes, and came home with a 3rd, to Ruth and Billy (A Special Request) for 2nd in G4 agility, to Jess and Echo (A Super Smart) 1st in G2 Jumping and 2nd in agility, to Georgie and Teddy (A Super Hero) 1st G2 jumping, 2nd G2 agility and 3rd G2 jumping, to Sandrine and Zola (A Moon River), first show in G6 and won G6 agility and G6 jumping, and to Jo and Gintiee (A Split Second) for a G2 jumping win! Several other good places too, so Well Done all!

Busy weekend again! 
Congratulations for class wins to - Helen and Ash (A Silver By Starlight), Sharon with Tag (Merliedogs DareDevil) and DJ (A Moon Beam), Trev and Susie (A Black Pearl), Jacqui with Styx (A Supernatural), Claire with Skyla (A Special Effect), and special Congratulations to Jo with Gintiee (A Split Second) and Georgie with Teddy (A Super Hero) for winning into G3! 
Lots of great placings too - Christine with Loch (A Tri Star Wizard), Alice with Raven (A Look to the Future) and Alice with Maya (A Just a Jiffy) all getting super results :-) 

Hattie (A Super Model) with Carol won into G3, and already has her first G3 agility win....

Wendy and Bling (A Special Branch) won into G6 with 8 x G5 wins......

Sue and Envy (A My Summer Envy) began in anysize classes, and won her first ever run.....

Jess's boys had a fabulous day, both getting their first wins! That's a G2 jumping win each for Echo (A Super Smart) and Sol (A Winter Solstice) ......

Karen and Chic (A Written in the Stars) had a G2 agility win......

Lisa and Skye (A Super Diva) won into G4 ..........

Helen and Ash (A Silver by Starlight) got their Bronze agility warrant, and have had several wins in G4.......

Sandrine and Zola (A Moon River) won into G6......

Rebecca and Bumble had a Steeplechase win......

Christine and Loch (A Tri Star Wizard) have had a couple of wins too 
John and Peggy (A Summer Sunshine) have had several top 3 places.
Sharon and DJ (A Moon Beam) have had several G5 Jumping wins.....

Lou and Eska (A Morning Star) have had several top 3 placings! 

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