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Piper x Tyke - 22/03/23
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Gone but never forgotten!

Tantastic Attack, G7, Res CC - Tantan was our 'wild child'! A complete and utter loony, she had so much enthusiasm for everything, and was the happiest dog ever, she just loved everyone and everything! I never heard her growl, she was just beautiful through and through.

Born 14th June  2001, she came to us aged 8 weeks, and was my pride and joy until on the 4/9/16, we had to let her run free. A decision I hoped I would never have to make, truly this little dog has been my sunshine for over 15 years. I have no words to describe our feeling of loss. Tantan, you really can have wings on your feet now my beloved friend, until we meet again xxxx

Atomic Twizter, G7 - Wiz was born on 14th January 2003. She belonged to, and lived with our friend Kate, until she retired from agility, when Kate kindly allowed her to retire at ours!  She sadly lost her left eye in an accident when she was a baby pup, but Becca decided to try training her, so off they went, and this was the start of the most wonderful partnership, starting in juniors at G1 and finishing her career right at the top, with wins in Champ. 
Wiz was just an amazing character, she was always very much Becca's dog, and they were  utterly devoted to each other - a dog like this one truly doesn't come along very often :-)  

We had to let our beloved Wizzy go to sleep on 28/07/16. Goodnight Bear, I know you will watch over us all, and we will always love you and be left missing you xxxx 

Billy No Mates -  we bred Billy ourselves, he was born on 3rd May 1993. We didn't intend to keep him, but he was a shy little pup, so we decided he would do better staying with us. I started agility with Billy, he was nearly 5 years old when he started training, and competed for the first time at Watford Limited show - 350 dogs in Starters Jumping - he went clear and bless him got 35th place (and I still have that rosette too)!
was a real character, perhaps not the smartest (lol) but he knew what he wanted and would always find a way to get it! He was great fun, and made us smile every single day, RIP dear sweet baby, to say he will be missed is such an understatment, we think of him every single day - he was our Baby and leaves such a huge hole in our lives. He will always be loved xxxx 

Puff - our little Princess Puffaroo! Our first Chinese Crested powderpuff, she came to us when she was a few months old, and although so very tiny she certainly ruled the house! Sadly she was only with us a couple of years, but we truly worshipped her tiny self for every minute of our short time together! Such a princess, such a huge character in a tiny, frail body. We miss you little Puff, our little fluffy angel xxxx

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