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Bryning Time To Shine (Teal)

blue border collie

Spangle X Bond

BVA Hip scored 4:3

DNA Tested: TNS 'normal', CL 'clear', CEA 'carrier'

With great sadness we had to say our final goodbye to our wonderful old lady on April 25th 2022. She truly was my best friend, my confidant, my big huggy bear. I adored her and will miss her every single day. 

Teal is just the best dog to live with. She is really well behaved, so easy going and laid back. It doesn't take much to get her bouncing around though, she loves to play and can get rather over-excited!

Teal had a fantastic agility career, she came out at the start of the new '1-7 grade' system, and at her first show she had 6 classes, she won 5 of them and came 2nd in the other! During 2007, in her first season, she won out of every grade at the first show she competed in. She qualified for every final we entered a heat for, which was every novice final that was available, and she won her Gold Agility Warrant in this first season. She won the Agility Club Grade 3 League for 2007, AND the Agility Eye Midlands Grade 3 2007 award - clever Doodle :) She was Grade 7 before she was 3 years old! She qualified and ran at Crufts and Olympia with both Becca and I .
We are very proud of our Doodle :D

blue border collie
blue border collie

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