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Aviary Smoky Quartz (Tweedy)
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Piper x Tyke - 22/03/23
Inka x Douglas 25/11/23
Planned Litter 2024

News 2019-April 2024

Take a look at the fabulous ''Anadune Border Collie Database'', if you are interested in the health of and/or your puppies lines/pedigrees, and/or would just like to see the dogs behind your BC puppy, or just love BC's  - then do join! It's free and it's brilliant :-) 

Planned litter page updated - we have a full list for this litter, and nothing else planned for this year.

Huge Congratulations to Yasmin and Suspect on wining into G7! They started this year in G5 and have really found their rhythm together, we are so proud of you both! 
We have added them to our G7 roll of honour! 

So very hard to write - we have lost our most precious, crazy gingey.
So full of life and joy and energy - then gone.
My heart is beyond broken. 
Aviary Smoky Quartz, Tweed/Ginge  24/8/14 - 28/2/24. Forever young, forever missed.

Inka's pups are 8 weeks and have started to leave for their new homes - they have been a total dream of a litter, so contant and full of joy and energy! 
Above picture taken by the very talented (and patient!) Jess - 


We wish every owner the very best and look forward to watching the pups grow!

Inka's pups are coming up to 6 weeks, and all have their new homes sorted! Some very lucky people (and puppies!) as I am totally happy with every pairing! They really are a fabulous litter, so happy and content, yet so confident and outgoing, cheeky and still cuddly too - perfect! New pics and KC names on their page!

Inka had 7 gorgeous puppies! After a sticky start (literally!) everyone is doing fine and we are counting our blessings! Shout out to our amazing vets Taylor Vets at Brackley, who very quickly dropped their saturday afternoon to see this tricky whelping through to the end! We are so grateful to vet John and nurse Lauren, without them we wouldn't have this wonderful news to share! All the pups are reserved, thank you.

New planned litter page added :-) 

New page added to celebrate our top level agility Aviary dogs! To date we have bred 18  "G7ers", with others very close!! Congratulations to every owner.

Had a lovely visit from these two gorgeous boys! Blue is Tweed/Mercury and Billy is Tweed/Toby. Both are such lovely natured dogs, stunning to look at too! 

We had a visit from our gorgeous young 'Dougie'  (Aviary Best Man) this week. He really is shaping up beautifully, and we may well be looking at adding him to our breeding plans. He really is gorgeous all round!

Updated the competition page - everyone is doing so well, we are very proud and we love that you share it all with us! 

We are very relieved that Tweed has been declared fit and well, after some mammary tumours have been found to be benign. She will have them removed to be quite certain, but I couldn't be happier! I just adore my crazy ginja ninja and can't imagine my home without her.

Very sad news that Charlotte and Karen have sadly lost Pink (A Aurora, Wren/Bond) at 14 1/2. We all loved Princess/Piglet/Pinkypottomus very much - she was such a delightful character and certainly had a point of view on most everything!  She had the most amazing life and was loved from the second she arrived in this world, until the very moment she left - and no one can wish for anything better for their pups.We send our love to Charlotte, Karen and family, and will remember Pink always with love xx

We were so sad and sorry to hear that Pete and Jennie have lost Cola (A Aphrodite Wren/Bond) - what appeared to be an eye infection turned out to be a tumour, and it was in her best interests (aged 14 1/2) to let her go. Cola was a real favourite with so many people, she had such a loving nature and loved her agility! We send our love to Pete and Jennie at this very sad time xx

Piper looking a bit hairless but almost fit already, 9 weeks after her pups! She did an amazing job, they are really fabulous pups, and their new owners are all so pleased with them! 

Competition page updated - huge Congratulations especially to owners of Tweed and Never pups - out of their 5 pups that do agility, 4 are now G7! What a fabulous achievement from one litter. That makes an impressive 16 of our 'pups' that have won into G7 - Congratulations to all their owners! .

Pipers pups have turned 8 weeks and start to leave us, they have the most fantastic homes to go to as always, and we are so grateful to have so many super people offering loving homes to our babies.
New pics on their page.

We are so sad to have to let you know that Deana recently lost her beautiful Gem (Wren x Bond), peacefully at home. Gem was a few days short of her 14th birthday. We know she was loved very much, and will be greatly missed.

Continuing on this very sad note, Diane has lost her gorgeous golden boy, Phoenix (Wren x Bond), having recently turned 14. Pheeny had the best life with Di and has left many treasured memories. 

As breeders - we hope that every pup lives a long, healthy and well loved life. This litter has always been extra special - it was our first under our 'Aviary' affix, and every one of them amazing, all round fabulous dogs. Losing them is a painful reminder that our wonderful dogs just don't live long enough. We send our love to Deana and Diane at this awful time.

Piper and Tyke had 5 beautiful babies on 22nd March, all perfect and she is being a fantastic mum! 
I will add a page for her (no pups are available).

We have had a redo of the layout of the website - hopefully it is easier to follow! Also a new page for this years competition winners, mostly agility but also HTM, rally, Canicross and Obedience too - whatever sport the dogs do, we are proud of their achievements!

Last year, a dog closely related to ours was tested, and found to be a carrier of EAOD - early adult onset deafness. This occurs when the dog is anything from about 3 years old, and is different to the deafness that BAER tests find. So, although our dogs were all either DNA tested, or clear by parentage, of all 8 Border Collie testable conditions, I decided I ought to re test the whole lot again, as only one single Lab in the world does the EOD test (this is because it still needs study and is a marker test only, meaning it doesnt actually mean that a tested affected dog WILL be affected - but that's a long story and best looked at on google if you are interested!) and they only sell a whole package of 211 tests!!
Anyway, we have the results back for everyone, and I am delighted to say that Tyke, Faith, Piper and Inka are all clear of everything - and Stitch appears to be clear of 210 and a carrier of EAOD, so, if we decide to breed her again, we will only use a tested clear dog. This doesn't affect Stitch at all, nor will it affect her puppies :-) 

We are delighted to receive our BVA hip scores back for our young girls - Piper (Aviary Tootie Frootie) 4:4 and Inka (Aviary Fizzy Mix) 3:3! 
Very very happy with those, and hopefully both girls will be involved in our future plans! 

I love these two photos so much - one showing real focus, drive and athleticism over the dog walk (Raven, Fai x Chief) and one showing such a beautiful, gentle expression (Inka, Tweed x Theo) 
Both gorgeous, loving girls, thank you Alice and Sarah for the photos!

Lots of news on the show wins page! 

I love this photo of Fuji (Tweed x Theo), she is so beautiful. 

Sadness in our houses again - we had to say goodbye to our dear old lady, Teal, this week. She was coming up 17, so a magnificent age, but I miss her so very much. This picture was taken two weeks before we lost her. I know it was the right thing to do, the right time for her, and in time I hope that will help.

Busy weekend for shows, and the show news page has been updated! 

I am so pleased with how Piper is turning out, she moves like a dream, and has so much drive and speed and focus for training! She is very pretty too!

New page added for competition news 2022! Well Done to everyone, you are all doing so well! 

We are in love with this artwork by Maddi Newton, Tag is an awesome, really sound dog, his temperament is 100%, he has two litters on the ground, and yet is still good as gold with other entire dogs etc. He is G7 in agility, and still a super, cuddly, easy boy at home. His first litter are already winning up the grades, and this is their first year of competing (with Covid closing down a year)! We offer him at stud with confidence, preferably to sporty girls, they must be nice natured, fully health tested and KC reg (or ISDS) BC's. For more info email myself or  contact Sharon directly :-)

We were so very sad to hear that Karen, Dave and their sons had to say goodbye to Buzz (Aviary Firecracker) on the 18th Sept. Buzz was the most amazing, funny, awesome, driven boy. We knew it was coming but that doesnt make it easier when the time comes. Cancer sucks. Buzz sired one litter, and hopefully we will be able to breed on and keep a small part of him with us in the future.

Agility news updated :-) Well Done everyone! 

Hip scores back for Raine, 3:4, very happy with these!

Very happy with Merlots hip score, which has come back as 5:4 - and scored at 6 years 1 month! Merlot is from our Tass/Aero litter, and means the whole litter have been scored now, which is fabulous! 

Show news updated! Congratulations to you all! 

Piper and Inka are so different, but both so gorgeous! So glad to have Piper here and Inka as a co-own, living close by and able to come over lots for play dates!
Tweed quite enjoys it too!! 

The very hardest part of having our beautiful dogs, is that they can't live forever. This last week or two has been unbelievably hard.

On the 12th April, our friends had to say goodbye to their beloved Rockydog. Aviary Sky Rocket, aged 10 half. Rocky was diagnosed with Lymphoma in October last year, so very heartbreaking and a life taken far too early. It just isn't fair, he was such a lovely boy, he loved life and we are so so sad for Martin, Sam, Oliver and Isla.  

In the early hours of Saturday 17th April, our hearts here were broken, when Wren suffered what the vets believe to be either a massive stroke in her sleep, or perhaps a brain tumour. Either way, she went to bed at 11pm the night before just her normal, perfectly well self, and yet at 4am we had to let her go to prevent any suffering. 
Of course, it's the very best way for her, but our shock and grief at her loss is beyond any words.
She was 14, she had a wonderful life filled with love and laughter and happiness and fun.
The top photo above captures much of her happy nature and love of life.
She gave us so much and she will always be Top Lady to me. 
The photo below is one we took for her 14th Birthday, just 6 weeks ago, she enjoyed her day greatly - eating home made liver cake and poking her nose in at the Grandchildren..............
Run free little pickle, we will miss your big smile and cheeky nose wrinkles forever.

A couple of changes to the website :-) 
New page added for Piper and the co-own page gets updated too :-) 

Thanks again to Jess Coates for her amazing litter pictures! They are just fabulous! 

Tweeds litter page gets an update - I will add lots of photos over the next week or so! 

We love every litter and every puppy we breed, but this litter, for me, just have had an extra special something. Maybe because this is Tweeds last, or maybe because of the heartbreak last time - whatever the reason - I absolutely ADORE all 9 of them. Together they have been the easiest litter ever, so happy and loving and cuddly, yet little nutty playful puppies too. They have grown well, eaten well, they look stunning and they are so much better in life than I can ever portray in photos. 
We have thoroughly loved having them and these 8 weeks have flown by all too fast. Thankfully they all have the most perfect homes to go to and we will love watching them grow up. 
We were extremely lucky to have a huge list, of current Aviary owners and/or friends - thank you so much and sorry to everyone who offerred fabulous homes but weren't lucky this time.

Tweed had 9 gorgeous pups on Valentines day! Photos/details on the new litter page

Tweed has been scanned and it's confirmed - we can expect pups in mid Feb! We already have a full list (plus several reserves) for this litter so we are not taking any more interest, but hopefully everyone can enjoy having puppy pictures to look forward to!

We recently ran a little photo competition on our Facebook group - our winners are so stunning!  Over the next day or two I will add a page with each days winners on here so everyone can see! We are so grateful to our owners who stay in touch and we adore all our 'puppies', each and every one!

Oh! Nearly forgot :P New last page as well <3

Lots of new photos on several pages! 

Stitch pups have flown the nest and are settling in really well! We are so lucky to have had so very many wonderful homes hoping for a puppy. 

Love this photo of Stitch and her 8 week old babies! Thanks as always to Jess!

New photos added to the litter page, and last page :-)
Puppies are almost 7 weeks, they are awesome! Really very pleased with them, Stitch and Bruce combo has really worked and given us beautiful typey good looking pups, that are confident and happy and outgoing, and already loving toys and mini training! They all have amazing agility homes to go to, and I can't wait to announce their new KC names and their new homes! 

3 week photos added to our new litter page. 

Breeding has many rewards, but it also has it's risks too. We were heartbroken to lose one of Stitch's beautiful puppies this week, he became ill very quickly and despite our vets and our very best efforts, he passed away. At two weeks, we start to feel that they are pretty safe, but puppies are tiny and fragile and so very vulnerable. It's a very hard thing to lose a puppy, we already loved him very much. RIP little Beethoven xx

Updated puppy pictures on their new litter page, and added an extra page for even more photos! We are very lucky to have such talented friends, thanks so much to Sam and Jess who both gave up a lot of their time to capture our babies for us! Baby puppies are really difficult to photograph, and just do what they want, when they want, so its always a lot of fun trying to persuade them to do what we would like!!

Stitch had 8 gorgeous puppies on the 26th August, a few days early but all seem to be doing very well! Pictures on the 'New Litter' page! 

Stitch has been scanned and is confirmed in pup to Bruce, pups due around 30th August! Seems she is cooking quite a few!!

Our fabulous 'Summer' litter turned a year old last week! We were delighted to meet up with 7 out of 8 (Hijack is on his hols, but we will update his pics asap!) and put new photos on their litter page! Standing puppies is tricky when they arent used to standing still, but they didnt do too badly for a first try!  

New photos added to the last page - our fabulous 'Time' babies looking very grown up at 8 months old!

Very excited to say that Stitch has been mated to Brucie (Follyfleet Moon Light), so now we wait, hope all goes well and that we will welcome some amazing puppies at the end of August!

I have updated the photos page - many thanks to you all for such lovely pictures of your dogs! 

Well this year has turned out rather strange! 
With all the shows cancelled, we will make an effort to try and update with some home photos from everyone instead :-) 
I will add a new page for 2020 photos and try and change it every couple of weeks, last years pups are changing so much they could keep it busy by themselves! 

The Time puppies have just turned 6 months, so they all get new photos on their litter page! Six very cheeky characters, they are loving life and being adored in return.

The new photos page is on! I will change the pictures often, I have lots to get through!

When Faith had her puppies, we couldnt help but notice how 'brown' Raven was. We have bred and seen many seals, but she didnt look quite the same (although hard to explain why/how!) and so when her test results came back as not seal we werent at all surprised. Neither parent carries sable which is needed to produce seal - so what colour exactly IS Raven? 
Of course, I tested! (I always do, researching seal means I test a lot!) Raven is, in fact, a cryptic merle - she has testd as m/Mc+ with a sine length of 246. I can certainly see how some dogs are being called seal when they are not, and vice versa! We certainly never call ours seal unless we have tested them, and they are KB, ay and mm, and the two seal merles we have bred from Tweed are both tested Mm, sine length 267 - 'normal merle'

Never came for a visit (he had a hot date! Fingers crossed for end of Feb!) and we took some family pictures, how lovely are these three beautiful faces? I absolutely adore my Super litter, although, with parents as awesome as these, how could they be anything but fabulous!

Happy New Year to all our friends and Aviary owners, we wish you a very joyful and successful 2020! 

We are having a big website tidy up, it has got rather straggly and often repetitive - so lots of pages are being moved/combined to try and make it easier to look around :-)


Faiths puppies turned 8 weeks last weekend, and have all now left for their new homes - Good Luck little 'Time' puppies!
We are delighted with this litter, and again have the most perfect agility homes for each of them!
We will now have time off from planning puppies and just enjoy watching these grow :-) Also hopefully finding time to polish up the training of our own trained dogs, and work some more with our youngsters!
Many thanks to Jess for this fabulous picture of them all

Faiths pups are now 7 weeks - ''Time flies''! Have updated their litter page, and redone the 'new photos' page too. 

New photos page updated!

Faith has been scanned in pup to Chief! This is such an exciting combination, we can't wait to meet them! They are due around Halloween :-)

Tweeds litter are now 7 weeks, and will soon start to leave for their new homes. All 8 have fabulous homes to go to again, and we look forward to watching their progress :-) Raine will join our friend Becky in co-own, and will get her own page very soon! 

Many thanks to Jess (www.jessicacoatesphotography.co.uk)  for some truly awesome photo's!

Lots of updates to the poor neglected website! 

Tweeds pups are now 5 weeks old and utterly adorable - if a little wild!! As always she is being a truly amazing mum, I love this picture of her and Revel! New photos on their page, which has moved and is now the top litter page - Summer pups :-) 

Also, more exciting news - Faith has been mated to Chief - a planned litter page has been added with details :-) 

Updated the agility news page with lots of wins for our fabulous Aviary owners :-) 

Special mention to Vicki with Jet and Sharon with Tag, both winning into G7 this weekend!! Congratulations to you all, you put so much into your dogs and really deserve it!

Tweed has given birth to 8 beautiful puppies on July 24th - she has been amazing and its sooooo hot! 
Details on the new litter page :-)

Agility news page updated :-) 

Both Faith and Stitch had their eye tests, annual BVA and Gonioscopy - both all clear :-)

After a scan yesterday, we are very excited to say we are expecting Tweed puppies around 27th July! All the puppies are potentially reserved to wonderful homes, we have once again been so lucky with such lovely homes waiting for our babies :-)
(and huge thanks to Jess for such a beautiful photo!)

Another lovely visit from Jess this weekend - we can't wait to see all the photos! This is what she did with some of Becca's dogs! 

New photos page is redone, with pics of the two young ones and pretty Tweed! Dare and Stitch are almost 8 months, and just 18 months, also some new pics on their own pages too :-) 

Updated agility news as well - an amazing start for Skye! 

New last page added - fingers crossed! 

An update to the last page - well done to everyone!

I have added a new page especially for competition news! Mostly it will be Agility, but some of the dogs do other things too, and any news we get of them will be added weekly to the last page :-)

Beautiful sunny Easter weekend, so grabbed the chance to get some pictures with the gorgeous cherry blossom while its out! New Photos page is a riot of colour! :D 

We tested several of our dogs for Raine Syndrome/Dental Hypomineralization (RS/DH) and are delighted to say, they all came back clear :-) That is Tyke, Tweed, Faith, Oreo and Stitch all done :-) 

New look for Oreo's page with some updated photos! Also new pics on several pages, Tweed, Stitch, Dare and The Family :-) Thanks to all our owners for sending us such beautiful photos! 

Fabulous photo taken at Crufts this year, of Claire's beautiful and talented Skyla (A Special Effect, Tweed/Toby) doing her Heelwork to Music Routine! Under that hat, she is the image of Tweed, and we are thrilled with how well she is doing! Thank you Claire for the photo and for making her so fabulous :D

New photos on the last page, making the most of the few beautiful days we had! 

We were delighted to have the very lovely, and very talented Jess Coates back down to see us - Jess owns Echo (A Super Smart) and is also an amazing photographer!  She took some fabulous pictures of our dogs working, and just looking rather gorgeous too! I have put her pictures on our new photos page - check out her website, she really is exeptional with the dogs :-)


We have Oreo's hip score back, a very nice 3:4! Very pleased with that! 

We had a little snow here, the dogs always enjoy it! A couple of photo's of Lisa's girls too on the family page!

We've had a couple of beautiful sunny days here, so the camera has been busy! New pictures on the 'out and about' page, and I love this one of Faith too, she really does have the most beautiful gentle expression! 

Stitch's hip results are back, 6:4, clever girl :-) 

3 generation pedigrees added to all the dogs pages :-) 

Have put a few photos on the new pics page, of the dogs doing agility :-)  Although we haven't had time to compete lately, Becca will be out and about this year with Faith and Ellie, and all our dogs are fully trained, and (I would hope!), to a good standard so that they will be competetive if/when they do go to a competition!
I am in the process of arranging some more photos to be taken soon ;-)

Plus one of Chewy just looking gorgeous :D

Seems we have a new addition! This is Dare, a beautiful pure black Kelpie boy, who will be joining Becca (and Craig!) in February. He has his own page, and is FCI registered, although they are not quite settled on his KC name yet :-)

Happy New Year! 
December was a madly busy month for us here, sadly nothing dog related or exciting! So lots of catching up to do - the 'old' news page has moved down but is still there for anyone who is interested.
Our fantastic 'Super' litter had their first birthday, they are all stunning to look at, and beautiful inside too. All are showing real promise in their training and altogether looking very exciting :D

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