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Piper x Tyke - 22/03/23
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What's new!

June 2024 - updated page for Inka x Dougie pups, now they are 6 months old. I am really pleased with how these pups are turning out, they are becoming brilliant all round young dogs and I look forward to watching them mature! 

May 2024 - Stitch has been scanned in pup, with a nice size litter. There is a full list, plus reserves, so I am not taking any more interest, thank you :-) 

April 2024 - Stitch has been mated to Indy.
Their list is fully booked, thank you :-)

Claire and Skyla ( Aviary Special Effect - Tweed x Toby) are having a superb start to the year!
They have qualified for HTM Crufts semi-final next year, at their first attempt, and also won into G5 at their first agility show, also winning a jumping as a bonus too! Huge Congratulations to a fantastic team!

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