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Piper x Tyke - 22/03/23
Inka x Douglas 25/11/23
Stitch x Indy 26/06/24

Piper x Tyke - 22/03/23

Piper had 5 stunning pups, 5 days early, on the 22nd March, 3 girls and 2 boys.

I absolutely adore this litter - every single puppy is so happy and outgoing! I have had nothing but glowing reports as they grow and I couldn't be more pleased. I love both parents and they compliment each other so well, erasing any minor faults while doubling up on the desire to work - and work as a team with their trainer. Amazing parents have made amazing babies and I'm so proud!

above photos by  Jessica Coates Photography | Wedding and Portrait photographer

9.35am - blue merle tri female 362g -  ' Luna'
Aviary In a Heartbeat
Luna lives with Mira, who owns Zaya from our 'Super' litter! She will be doing Heelwork to Music and I'm sure she will enjoy herself very much!
She is teeny tiny, and just beautiful, full of energy and happiness! 

10.40am - Seal/white female 311g - 'Shade'
Aviary Wild at Heart
Shade belongs to Jacqui - who already has Styx from our 'Super' litter, and Ryder who is Pipers brother! She is small but very determined and I'm sure will enjoy being the only girl!
She is looking amazing at her foundation classes, and is such a happy, cheeky character.
Jacqui owns  Tuffstuff Ltd. (tuffstuff-ltd.co.uk)

11.05am - blue merle tri male 370g - 'Figment'
Aviary Heart of Te Fiti
Figment lives with Abee and family! He will see plenty of agility as Abee and Jack are very well known for their PawsTrading Specialists Suppliers in Dog Agility Bedding Toy and Training  stands at many agility shows, so little Figgie will have just the best life! 
Figgie is looking fantastic and I'm very excited for Abee! 

12.45pm - sable/white male 386g - 'Dude'
Aviary Heart of Gold
Dude has moved in with Alice (and Dan!) Alice already owns Maya from our 'Time' litter! He will be doing agility and obedience, and is a co-own, so hopefully will turn out rather special for us!
He is a big lad and hopefully will mature nicely for us! 

13.03pm - blue merle tri girl 314g - 'Jiggle'
Avairy Heart and Soul
Jiggle lives with Allison and her 3 boys - one of which is Tempo from our 'Time' litter! I think she might be getting a bit spoilt being the only girl! 
Another smaller lady - Jiggle is such a happy bouncy girl, and is doing fabulously well at her foundations, exciting times!  

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